I see two sets of intags on the taskbar

Perhaps this is a Noob question, but i’m stumped. I have two sets of in tags on my Taskbar. They overlap, and I can’t tell which number is the right one for the task I want to switch to.

I’ve tried saying “toggle,” “hide intags,” “intag desktop.” None of these seem to change anything at all. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or how to clear and reset these intags.

I have two sets of in tags on my Taskbar.

This is an intermittent bug that is unusual. I used to see this once in a while so I started to trace it to figure out what causes it. Now, I haven’t seen it on any computer in more than 6 months.

The quick fix is to restart speech.

If this bug reoccurs, please note the times and then send me the Dragon and VoiceComputer Logs and we’ll try to figure out how to fix it.

What processor and how much memory do you have on your computer?

I saw this myself yesterday afternoon. I don’t recall seeing it before. It did indeed go away after I did a restart.

I have an i7 with 16 GB.

To fix this, we need several log files to figure out what’s causing this.

If anyone sees double numbering on the taskbar:

1. Open/close a couple of applications.
2. If the double numbering doesn’t clear up, please note the time and try to recall what you were doing right before you noticed the double numbering. (Opening/closing programs by mouse or voice…)
3. Email me your notes, the Dragon log (Windows Search: Show Dragon Log) and the VoiceComputer Log.txt file in