Human Error During Installation?

I’m wondering where I may have made a mistake during installation of Dragon Naturally Speaking Home V15 and Voicecomputer 1.7.5. I can’t even get as far as establishing a user profile; in fact, the directory for user profiles doesn’t exist. I don’t get intags anywhere except on the Dragon bar and the task tray. I have removed and reinstalled both programs but nothing changed. Does this conform with any known issues? Are there any suggested workarounds?

Two things may solve your problems.

  1. To create a user profile, open Dragon without VoiceComputer and then create a user profile.
    You (usually) can’t create a user profile with VoiceComputer open. This is documented in several places but no one would think of looking at documentation when they’re trying to do something so simple. (Fortunately, this is a rare problem. Most of our users buy Dragon and use it for a while before they realize they need VoiceComputer.)
    If you still can’t create a user profile and use Dragon then stop and ask for more help. VoiceComputer won’t work if Dragon isn’t working well.
  2. Before you open VoiceComputer, go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer directory and search for mslso.dll.
    If you find it, go to properties, write down the version number of the mslso file, and then delete it.
    Let us know if everything works and send us the version number of the mslso file and the version of Windows that you’re using.
    We’ve been releasing VoiceComputer with no mslso file and with version 11.0.22000.556. But, some releases picked up other versions of mslso.dll that crash VoiceComputer and I apologize for this.

Good afternoon. Regarding step 1, I do not see any option to create, modify, delete, etc either a preexisting or a new user profile. I can submit screen shots of my Dragon Bar and the various menus I do seem to be able to access.
Regarding step 2, I do not have this file on this compiuter.

I’m not too familiar with the Home edition but it creates or lets you create a user profile on first use.
Open Dragon only (until you get Dragon working properly.)
Do you see a microphone icon on the DragonBar and can you click it to turn it on and off?
What microphone are you trying to use? (I recommend a USB microphone for best results.)
Is your microphone configured as the default microphone on your computer? To check, right-click on the speaker in the system tray > select sound settings > input
Does Dragon display any error messages about not being able to find a microphone?