how to print the page from the VP instructions

as I have been working with the instructions for VP, I found them quick answers. How can I print the actual instruction page?

I need to cut out some of the voice shortcut commands for looking into folders and saving to folders. My brain isn’t good enough to remember them quickly.




<p>When you get the screen displayed (VoicePower help<font face="Arial">), make sure it has focused and then simply press and hold down the alt key and then press the print screen button. This will make the window in focus copied to the clipboard. You can then open any image editor, such as Microsoft paint, and selected the Edit menu followed by the paste command (option).</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that this procedure, while copying the active window (window in focus<font face="Arial">) will only copy what's visible on the screen. So, if you're looking for specific instructions, make sure that you have the screen positioned with those instructions displayed visibly.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>Otherwise, we use SnagIt 10, which is inexpensive and the best screen capture out there<font face="Arial">.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>If you have any problems or can't figure out quite how to do it, just let me know which screens you're trying to capture and I'll help you out<font face="Arial">.</font></p><font face="Arial"></font>

Thank you, Chucker:

When I press the alt key, nothing came up about printing the page. any idea where it would be?

I am simply trying to print the various commands I can use with voice shortcuts to get to the N:Triona folder. My memory isn’t what it used to be.I would like to take the commands on the bottom of my monitor screen until I have memorized them.

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PS: I just used the “save to my dictation folder” successfully. However, I do have to actually save it by saying save once it’s deployed to the appropriate folder. Is that expected?

Trionalaw2011-11-12 12:00:41


The keystroke sequence is Alt + print screen. When you do that, you do not get any notification that the window in focus has been copied to the clipboard, but it has.

All that you have to do after that is to open an image editing program like Microsoft paint, select Edit, and then paste. From there you can save it or print it or do anything you want with it.

Hi everybody,

I’m compiling a looseleaf notebook of VoicePower commands. It’s not all that complicated doing screen captures and pasting them into MS Word documents. I’ve done about 30 of them so far. I ran into a little bit of trouble when I inadvertently damaged one of the resident directories for the HTML documents. After doing a couple of repair/reinstall cycles, and still getting the same error message, I figured out that it was the directory name that had to be fixed, which was easy to do. Apparently the installation program will create that directory, but repairing it is not part of its job description. Anyway, it works. The KnowBrainer equivalent of the ALT-PRINT SCREEN command is “Capture Window”.

I’m of two minds in going through this exercise. First, proficiency comes only with practice, and the problem with hyperlinks is, and has always been, that hyperlinks are nonlinear in either their format or application. Back when Neil Larson was first marketing MaxThink (and this goes back to the early 1990s) those of us who were writing hyperlinked documents (and I was trying to develop trial preparation software for lawyers) understood that language was fuzzy and imprecise when it came to navigating these data management systems that we were creating. Despite their organizational elegance, navigating within the systems became difficult, if for no other reason that as linkage networks grew in depth and complexity we ran into information overload, and, of course, everything is syntactical rather than logical. Over the years I found that is one thing to study a printout, and quite another thing to have to navigate through online help screens in which information is presented in a highly condensed formats. Having something in hand that I can markup and annotate is an essential part of the learning process. Help screens are useful for that once in a while time, but they don’t work well at the lower end of learning curve. I don’t think that the internal tensions will ever be fully resolved, but gaining proficiency takes time and a great deal of effort, and that’s in addition to the work that needs to be done using those selfsame skills. Using DNS on a daily basis over the past four years has given me a large reservoir of competencies in that program; VoicePower takes it to a new and higher level, but more focused on navigation and computer management than creating text documents. It is going to take some time to integrate everything into a seamless whole.


I figured it out when I found the print screen button on my keyboard. I now have the printed page to work with. Thanks so much.