How to have voicecomputer start when win 10 starts

I need to add VC to the Windows 10 startup. How do I do this?

Press Windows Key + R
type in
“shell:startup” (OK)
The Startup folder will open

Right click on the VoiceComputer icon on your desktop.
Select “show more options”
Select “Create Shortcut”, creating a VoiceComputer (2) shortcut on your desktop
Drag the shortcut into the startup Folder

Unfortunately, this produces the following message:

“Please check that Dragon is running and the user is open and then restart VoiceComputer”.

Do you know what is triggering this message. It is ridiculous. As I recall, starting VoiceComputer should start Dragon if it is not already running.

Thanks for the help.

It does unless there’s an error condition. Most likely, Dragon can’t find the microphone.
Is Dragon partially open but the user profile hasn’t been opened?

Start-up contains only a link to VC and links to some productivity tools, so Dragon cannot be partially open. Should I add a kill Dragon command just in case?


That won’t work!
To open Dragon and VoiceComputer in startup, you need to put a link to “C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer\scripts\VoiceComputer.exe”, in the startup folder.

VoiceComputer.exe is a batch file that opens Dragon and then opens VoiceComputer. VoiceComputer will not run until you first open Dragon, which is what VoiceComputer.exe does.

That did it. Kudos and thanks, Ron!

It’s great to get VoiceComputer back restarting everything.