How to find cursor to move mouse

In some of my programs I can open the menu and the cursor does not display. I would like to start using the mouse control commands. After I say mouseclick I still cannot see the cursor. Is there a command I can give that will show the cursor and I can start moving the mouse around?

I saw there was a command to “control mouse”. I cannot figure out what that is.

Thanks so much,



No such command in VoiceComputer. Where did you see it.


Looking back, I must have meant “control click.”

I just gave the command and it highlighted everything in this reply. I assume that is what it is designed to do?



You might just want to use the VoiceComputer “left click” command.

The VC “Control Click” command holds down the control key while clicking the mouse. It lets you select individual objects on a list.

To view VC mouse commands, say “Show Mouse Commands.”