How to create custom overlays for different applications?

As the title says…how to create custom overlays for different applications? How to have multiple overlays for same application? Any input is appreciated…thank you.

Say, “Show My Intags Lesson” (aka, Show My Intags Commands")

Look at this and create some overlays.

If have problems, let us know and we’ll be glad to help!

Hello Ron,

I have been able to create overlays…currently facing the following problem!

I am using a 3d software where various values of a body can be adjusted using a slider on inserting numbers e.g. base leg length is 0 and there is option to change slider to 100 or manually enter the length. How can do the following?

  1. Say a tag-number (e.g. 6) that will allow me to manually enter the length (this is solved) and
  2. Say the length (also a number between 0-100) using dragon?

Please let me know if this makes sense…or I will also provide a screenshot of what I Mean.

A screenshot may help!
Also, are there are shortcut keys that will let you move the slider?