How to create custom command

Hello all,

how can I create a custom command in Voicecomputer that does/says this phrase:

Left 85 at 85 on 1



First, am I correct in assuming that you're using multiple monitors? If so, the command that you want to create is not correct.

Left = left mouse click
85 at 85 = X/Y coordinates on which you are intending to left click the mouse
on 1 = monitor one

Second, "on 1" is invalid. It needs to be "on monitor one" or "on screen one". However, if you're not using multiple monitors, then that command will not work period.

Lastly, since what you want to do is part of our mouse command set, at least to my way of thinking, it's easier to simply say what you want rather than spinning your wheels trying to create a VoiceComputer custom command. It would probably be easier to create a custom command in Dragon Advanced Scripting, which would execute that command in VoiceComputer that it is to try to create that command in VoiceComputer itself.

Chucker2018-02-23 08:38:32

Hi Chuck,

yes I'm working with 2 monitors.

I had already tried creating such a command using Dragon Advanced Scripting but came unstuck. I shall try again using your improved command suggestions.