How to change tag on my favorites

For some reason, I entered the wrong name when creating a favorite using “my computer”, “list #” and then putting in the tag name I wanted. How do I change the name?

Thank you.


You can just delete the tag “Show My Favorites”, “Delete tag x”, and create a new one.

You can rename it if you want to get into the xml coding:

Go to:

My DocumentsVoicePowerTags

and edit the Favorites.xml file.


Just a couple of additional points relative to editing the Favorites.XML file to change tag names.

First, unless you have a dedicated XML editor, you’re likely to get the Favorites.XML file loading in a non-editable window. More often than not it will come up in an Internet Explorer window, from which you can’t edit the contents. I recommend that you use an XML editor. However, if you don’t have access to one let me know and I’ll send you a link to one that’s free. Otherwise, use WordPad as the default editor for XML files. The only caveat is to be very very careful that you only edit the text of your command and don’t inadvertently add any extraneous information or modify the formatting or spacing. Otherwise, your tag will not work.

When creating tags, the best approach is to enter the tag name and then say “bookmark and save”. This accomplishes two things: (a) it will display your tag in “My Favorites”, and (b) if it’s a commonly used file that you remember the tag name for you can say “display tag <right | left | upper right | lower right | upper left | lower left | center | top half | bottom half>” without ever having to open your My Favorites, which employs two commands. With bookmarks you can open your favorites documents that you have tagged and bookmarked with a single command, as well as place it wherever you want it on the desktop.

thank you, Ronk:

Your suggestion worked.

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as always, Chucker,

Great to hear from you. Ronk’s suggestion worked. XLM editor stuff confuses me.