How to change 10 second interval

I use Voicecomputer for startup. However, Dragon opens too slowly on my portable PC for the 10-second interval, so Voicecomputer shuts down.

How do I lengthen the interval?

Right now you can’t. So just open Dragon first.

But, it’s a great idea to do this! I’ll release a new version that lets you configure the delay.

<div><br></div><div>Thanks for the quick response. I hope this idea will be useful to others.</div>

I hope you implement this feature, Ron. I’m voting for it too. This occured to me the other day too, but it’s not something that affects me on a daily basis so didn’t think to post about it.

Ron. I’m voting for it too. It will implement this feature

We’re testing the change. Will be in the next release.

We’ll release it as soon as we fix the grid that displays when no program has focus.
(1-3 weeks)