How do you quickly browse the Internet by voice?

I’m a newbie to VC, but have been using Dragon for over a decade, mostly with Knowbrainer and SpeechStart +. I’m currently experimenting with not using those two add-ons and trying VC and Speech Productivity.

Main question is how people quickly browse the Internet by voice?
– What browser do you use?
– Is there a way to “search Google” from any other window, say, even if you are in Outlook? It would be great if there were a one-step process where I could say somethhing like Search for [dictatioon]. Does this exist?

Thanks very much,

Hello Dan,

You have two options. With speech productivity, we have a module that gives you lots of bells and whistles – it’s called “SP search”. You can tailor that to use any of the main browsers as default. You can also customize to additional websites for specific searches. They are called targets. You’ll notice target one and target two on that form. They are configurable through the configuration manager.

Dragon also provides a very easy solution:

“search the web for XYZ”, brings up what you say in a dialog box, which you can optionally click to say don’t show me again, then it will go straight to the search on your default browser.

I use Microsoft Edge, so the Dragon solution takes me straight to the Bing Search engine.The SP solution gives you more options if that’s of interest.

Here’s the SP search form that I was referring to above, just for reference.