How do I INTAG Chrome but NOT INTAG Excel?

I am transcribing records from a Google Chrome window into a Excel Spreadsheet and flip flop between the two applications by saying Task 3 and Task 4 as I move between the two. However I need to move between several tabs on Google Chrome and using the “Go To Next Tab” and “Go To Previous Tab” don’t always register and just tab within the Chrome application zooming in and out etc. I thought if I had INTAGs active in Google Chrome then I could more reliably just say the number pertaining to the required Tab then read the info and Task back to Task 4 (Excel) however Intags are then active in Excel so that if I say numbers then it issues a command in Excel rather than enter numeral data.
Is it possible to have INTAGS operational on Google Chrome but hidden on Excel without having to continually say “Intag that” in Chrome and “Hide Intags” in Excel?

Thank You

Try the “Switch to second, third, fourth… commands”

To find commmands like this, say the name of the command list you wish to view, e.g., “Show Chrome Commands”, then to search for a specific command, use our ‘find voice command’ command, and look for ‘tab’ commands.

So it seems then that INTAGs are live for whatever application has focus. That’s fine, I just thought I would ask the question whether one app could have INTAGs active and another off. I will navigate another way round like trying to speak a bit more clearly. “Go To Next TAB” is a bit easier to say than “Switch to Next Tab” although I might try it for a while and see how it pans out.

Thank You

Graham Wilkie

You could try our old Chrome extension.

It will number things in Chrome and theoretically it shouldn’t number everything else.
But, sometimes it just does.
You can try it to see if it works for you.

We no longer support the extension because it’s no longer needed…