How do I install a new version of VoiceComputer

Hi. Every time I install a new version of VoiceComputer, I lose all my commands from the previous version. How can I install this new version without losing what I had? Thank you.

Say “Configure VoiceComputer”,

Then, “8 Open” to go to the second configuration screen.

Then, “8 Open” to ‘Import VoiceComputer’s configuration files’ and follow the prompts.

This will import any VoiceShortcuts you’ve created.

If you’ve created any “My Intags”, you need to turn off VoiceComputer and Dragon and manually copy the

CustomOverlays.xml file


(Where x is the largest number - the most recent backup)



I did everything you instructed me to, and my saved files and folders are simply not there when I try to invoke them.

Nevermind. I had neglected to click the proper boxes in the configure VoiceComputer menu. All is well.


I was just trying to write a better description. (- I need to do this soon.)