How do I find out my purchase date

I need to know my purchase date and version number and if I am entitled to a free upgrade. If not what is the cost of an upgrade. I am running windows 7 64.


To find your purchase date, search your emails for our email acknowledging your order. For example, you can search for VoiceComputer (or VoicePower) and serial.

Our Technology guarantee: Our customers receive new versions, updates &
upgrades within one year of their purchase free. Or if you bought after Dragon 12 was released (September 2012?), you get free updates until Dragon 13 is released (September 2014?).

Upgrades are $69 and you can purchase them at

Our current version is a Major upgrade. However, we haven't announced it yet because we are continuing to fine tune it. We hope to announce the new version within several days. At that time we'll be emailing you. Our email will include your date of purchase and will include links to the latest version, if your purchase was within the last year.