How can I create a clipboard list?

As a translator, I work a lot with text snippets. As it stands, I compile most commonly used terms and phrases into a list command. However, there are 2 obstacles here: one is that the more terms I have in a list, the more Dragon mis-recognizes them and adds unwanted text into a document. The other is that if I have too many terms in the list, I have to consult it, which is tedious. What I was thinking, is something like the file and folder numbering system in Voice Computer and just say a number and the text snippet would be automatically copied to the clipboard based on its title. Is this doable? I have a partial solution to this which is to use a clipboard extender called ClipMate.

when I read this I thought you were going to ask about the latest problem I’m having Internet Explorer. Instead of being able to dictate end of the text field, I have to use the dictation box, but when I tried to transfer the text into the Internet Explorer text field, I get a message that asks “do you want to allow this webpage to access to clipboard?”

just say a number and the text snippet would be automatically copied to the clipboard

>based on its title. Is this doable

Just came across your question. Let me see if I can think of a solution in the next day or two.

<div> </div><div>Joshua,</div><div> </div><div>When you get that message, it's simply Windows asking if you want to allow the webpage to access the clipboard. Simply answer in the affirmative. This is simply part of the process of storing the text from the Dictation Box in the clipboard in case it doesn't transfer that is, so you can go to the text box that you're trying to enter text into and say "paste that".</div><div>This is normal. Nothing to be concerned about.</div>

Does ClipMate, or some other clipboard program, create a list of clips?

If so, then Intags doesn’t number the list?
Could you use My Intags?
Yes, of course. I have at least 2 clipboard extender programs that fit the bill. It would just be nifty to have the my favorites list box with numbers for the corresponding clips. More direct that way.

I’d have to write a subroutine for this and it wouldn’t have the features of the clipboard extender programs.

Probably be better to create a macro that would switch to a clipboard program, resize it next to the application you’re working in and then Intag the clips.

Yes, I agree with you Ron. I found that in MS Word, you can create macros with buttons that can be accessed by VC. Otherwise, I will be using ClipMate.