Hot Swapping USB sound cards and/or microphones wi

If I wanted to swap out USB soundcards and/or microphones while using DNS Pro 11 (as in experimenting with different combinations of soundcards and microphones), should I shut down DNS before swapping out the sound card and/or microphone? I seem to remember where you wrote that "hot swapping" soundcards and microphones while you have DNS up and running may be hazardous to one's user file.

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Yes, never swap out anything related to DNS while it is loaded.

RE: Microphones, as long as you are not swaping soundcards (i.e. just pluging a similar quality microphone into the same sound card or USP SoundPod), you can do that without closing DNS, but remember to rerun the Audio Setup Wizard before using the new Mic.

Keep in mind that the microphones you are swaping out are comparable in quality and sound reproduction. Otherwise, that can have a negative impact on you profile accuracy if you use it for too long. For example, you can swap out the Samson Airline 77 for the SpeechWare 2-in1, Olympus ME 31, Sennheiser MD 431 II as long as you are using the same soundcard, but don’t try to swap out one of these for a cheapo Logitech or otherwise. When mic swaping, the soundcard must be the same and the mic’s should be comparable.
Chucker2010-12-23 07:36:11

I thought so! Thanks for your information and clarification of my rather vague memory of the specifics.

You mentioned the SpeechWare 2-in1 in your response. Lunis really seems happy with the SpeechWare 2-in-1. What’s your take on that mike? What’s the significance of having two mike elements in the boom? Although Nuance had rated the 3-in-1 with “5 Dragons”, this is a 2-in-1 but it apparently has the same mike element, so does that actually mean the 2-in-1 would also get the same “5 Dragon” rating? I downloaded the user manual and they were saying that when you run the “Check your microphone” utility to set the mike volume, that it is “VERY important not to read the punctuation signs and make a 3 to 5 second pause in silence each time, instead.” I’ve never heard of pausing 3 to 5 seconds each time one gets to punctuation during the “Check your microphone” set up. I’ve always just paused for a few seconds before beginning the routine and just read the screen (without reading the punctuation, of course). What, if anything, does putting in a pause in place of punctuation do?