Hope I do not fall into the category of "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

As usual, I am like the guy hanging upside down from the top bunk in the movie “Blazing Saddles.” When asked if he needed help, he answered “All that I can get.” As you well know, I am consistently asking for help.

I downloaded 3.01. I thought I went through everything in the documentation to set it up. These are my present problems:

.1 Even though the VC microphone is showing in the processes portion of the task manager, I cannot open VoiceComputer by voice. I am using the command “Activate VoiceComputer” which worked with the previous version. I could not find where that had been changed in the new version.

  1. My earlier bookmarks are not functioning. Attached are Snips of the bookmark instructions I am attempting to use as well as the Snips of what comes up when I give the commands “Show my documents, show my computer and show my favorites” both with intags and with intags shut off. With intags open, the command list # does not do anything. Without the intags on, no numbers deploy so I can use the list command.

Thanks so much. You would think after the many years I have been using VoiceComputer I would not have to keep asking for help. But I have attempted everything I could think of.

Stay safe.

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We changed the commands to make them more reliable.
To view the commands say,
“show microphone commands”
The changes are also documented in:
Using the VC Microphone in the documentation folder.
To view the folder say: show documentation
The Activation commands are now:
Activate one [pause] Activate two
or any combination of the two commands
Activate two [pause] Activate two

The microphone commands are:
Mike one [pause] Mike Two
or any combination of the two commands
Mike one [pause] Mike one

I deleted the bookmark and other legacy commands from the current release for several reasons:

  1. Intags provide an alternative: Pin/unpin your favorites to Quck Access in File Explorer.
    Say, ‘open file Explorer’ and follow the Intags.
  2. The more commands, the slower Dragon responds.
  3. Very few of our users are still using these legacy commands so if there are issues, we really can’t support them anymore.


Thank you so much. I avoided being a hobgoblin again.

Much appreciated.

Stay safe.