Holding off creating tags

I am running VoiceComputer 12.5.3. I have been holding off creating tags because I understand and update is on its way. What are the chances of me going ahead and creating my tags only to have the latest version come out within an hour of me doing so?

Just a joke.



Just import your VoiceComputer’s configuration files (i.e., #9 configure VoiceComputer)

Not a joke, just FYI. Your tag should be preserved. Mine are. Also, remember that you can drill down through the standard Windows dialogs that you are presented with by voice command. Simply say “my documents”, “VoiceComputer”, and then scroll down till you find your most current VoiceComputer.bk#.

As I understand the import process, I would of course not uninstall the previous version until I import the tags, correct?

I don’t understand the drill down to you get to something bk#. But then again, I don’t understand Duck Dynasty being the most watched show on TV.

As always, much appreciated.



Let me detail the process:

All of your VoiceComputer configuration files, which includes everything that you’ve done as far as VoiceShortcuts, tags, settings, etc. are stored in the VoiceComputer folder.

When you uninstall the previous version of VoiceComputer and install the new version, it isn’t necessary to import anything. It also isn’t necessary to export any of these configuration files unless you want to store them on a USB thumb drive or some other external location.

The simplest way to go about handling all your configuration files and settings is to do the following:

  1. Uninstall the previous version of VoiceComputer and install the new one using the normal installation process. Do not import your configuration files before you uninstall the previous version and install the newer one.

  2. Step 1

  1. Step 2

  1. Step 3

  1. Step 4

  1. Step 5

Simply scroll down using your mouse, or use the up and down commands (VoiceCommands) by saying “down one” or “down <#>”, where #= the number of lines you want to move. Once you find the most current backup folder, it will be highlighted and then simply click the OK button or say “OK”.

  1. Step 6

You will be shown a list of your configuration files. Make sure that none of them are missing but don’t worry about any tagged folders if you don’t see them. They are listed under “show my favorites” and they will be restored using the above process. Also, be sure that you remember that your tagged folders and files will not show up under “show my favorites” until you close and restart VoiceComputer.Chucker2013-09-17 09:07:02

As always, Chucker, everything is crystal clear. Perhaps you should be hired as a consultant to Obama care.



Thanks, Chucker:

downloaded the new version Ron put out yesterday. I then uninstalled the present VoiceComputer program. I then installed the new version. When I got to the my documents step and gave the command “my documents” nothing happened. When I clicked okay I got a menu that said "can’t find setting in .ini file that contains a list of commands.

Where to now St. Peter (favorite Elton John song from his initial album Tumbleweed Connection)?



First of all, it’s “show my documents”, not “my documents” just in case you misstated the command.

Second, did you complete the “configure VoiceComputer” set up?

Third, did you import your configuration files using the description and explanation (with screen captures) above.

Email me your settings.ini file and let me check it.

Thanks for getting back to me, Chucker:

no idea where I can find the. INI file. I’m attaching three screens that I got to following your previous post instructions.

Let me know what more I can do.

Thanks so much,


the images are too large. I can’t figure out how to make them smaller. I will email them to you.


First, the images are too large because you’re taking full screen captures. That makes them larger than the limits (200 KB).

Second, you have your Folder Options settings set to Hide extensions for known file types:

Remove the checkmarks as shown. Or, at least remove the checkmark from Hide extensions for known file types.

Third, your screen captures look correct, but it’s what is in your VoiceComputer folder not your VoiceComputer.bk10 folder. If you look in your VoiceComputer folder you will find a file called settings.ini after you change the settings as noted in the screen capture above. Don’t post it (settings.ini) here, send it to me via email. Once I have a chance to take a look@yoursettings.ini file I may be able to tell you what went wrong.Chucker2013-09-18 15:27:32

Thanks, Chucker:

I made the changes to the folder option. To be safe I decided to shut down everything and restart my computer. I could not find the settings.ini folder. I’m going to attempt to attach what was in the VoiceComputer folder. If too large, I will email. I tried capturing 2 different ways.

Much appreciated.


Trionalaw2013-09-19 07:10:56

I will try and to be at the screenshot on this. If it doesn’t work this time I will email it to you.


size of the screen capture is beyond my mush brain. I will email it to you.

ThanksTrionalaw2013-09-19 07:14:49


Glad we had a chance to chat this afternoon and that we got the problem resolved.

Thanks again.


I don’t know why I have so much trouble with what should be simple. I uninstalled my previous version and installed the new version this morning. I went through the configure VoiceComputer and open 9. I then said show my documents. Which got me to the first screen. Nothing was highlighted. I double clicked VoiceComputer and got the second screen.

Now I am flummoxed.

Thanks as always,


of course, the screens are too big and again I have no idea how to make them smaller. I have scoured the Internet trying to find how to do so without success. I will email them to you.


Here are the steps:

  1. Say “configure VoiceComputer”.

  2. On the next screen click or say “Yes”.

  3. In the “Browse For Folder” screen, say “my documents”. This will highlight and hope in the “My Documents” folder.

  4. Say “VoiceComputer”. This will highlight the “VoiceComputer” folder. However, this is not where your configuration files are. You need to scroll down until you find highlight your most recent VoiceComputer.bk# folder. In your case it happens to be “VoiceComputer.bk11”.

  5. With the “VoiceComputer.bk11” highlighted (just single click on it). You should see all of the folders underneath it (i.e., Commands, Documentation, etc.). Just click or say “OK”. In the next dialog (vCuts) you should see all of your commands (i.e., configuration files).

  6. Just keep clicking “OK” until the process is complete. Also, wait until you get the prompt that the import is successful.

It is actually very simple, but I can see where users might get confused in terms of what folders to select. The above procedures should clear it up.Chucker2013-09-27 12:47:36

Sadly, Chapter,

not too simple for me. When I get to the “browse for folder” screen I have to say show my documents. I then get to where I clicked on VoiceComputer.B11 I don’t have any thing to click that says okay. I’m sending you a screenshot by email.

Sorry I am so dense.

Enjoy your weekend,



I sent you an email with a step-by-step including screen captures. That should clear it up.Chucker2013-09-28 06:46:02

As you know, it did.

Thanks so much, Chucker