Holding Mouse Button Down


Is there a way to hold the left mouse button down like with SpeechStart+ i.e. Left Mouse Down and Left Mouse Up?

We had a hold mouse button command for more than 10 years but removed it because it’s such a dangerous command.

I’m quite certain that the command is still in our code and I would just need to write a couple of scripts to use it. I can look into this within the next week or so.

Are you certain that you want it? It is sort of like playing Trump roulette - it will attack you.
For example if you move the mouse in Windows Explorer while the mouse is being held down, you may never find the files that were moved or deleted.

I find it a very useful command for use in combination with my ergonomic mouse. For this command it is really important to have a name that will make it virtually impossible to misfire. I got my code from Lindsay years ago and renamed it to "left mouse button down: & "left mouse button up:"

I primarily use it with my ergonomic mouse to spare any stress on my fingers and hands. I don’t think I’ve ever used in a script

Phil Schaadt

I could add it back to VoiceComputer in the next release (soon??).

Instead of putting it into the Enable | Disable command section, I should create another section that will require signatures of the user and the next of kin because users may throw their computer out of their office window and jump after it once they've accidentally deleted, moved or otherwise annihilated all of their work for the previous year.

I was playing with the command once and never did find the files that were moused over while the left button was being held down.

I do not think the command is dangerous. From my point of view it’s more dangerous using drag number to number because the numbers can be misinterpreted. For example Dragon is always confusing 30 with 13.

The mouse never gets released until you say Left Mouse Up.

I find it really useful when dropping to a small target within Microsoft Access all Visual Studio.

Statistically, I agree with you I’ve had more problems with drag number misrecognition than I’ve ever had with "left mouse down"

fortunately I’m pretty good at advanced search within Windows so I’ve never really lost anything. Plus even if I trash something I’ve incremental backup so I can go back and pull it off the backup

Phil Schaadt

>For example Dragon is always confusing 30 with 13.

Try training both 30 and 13...

>From my point of view it's more dangerous using drag number to number
>because the numbers can be misinterpreted.

Maybe it'd be better to say "30" to put focus on a file or folder, then say "copy that"

Then say, "15" and "paste that".

If you copy and paste a lot, I could help you create "Copy x" and "Paste y" commands. (I hate adding more and more commands to VoiceComputer. Trying to keep this simple.)

cRon FWIW I think that a copy/paste command against the intag numbers would be a good idea. You really don’t have that many intag specific commands

>You really don't have that many intag specific commands

I have a number of commands that I commented out.
(in displaynumbers.xml or displaynumbers_w10.xml, depending on what version of Windows that you're running.)
Note: if you create or modify any commands in

They will be overwritten by the 'master' command files in

C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerhelpVC_FilesCustom_files

anytime you make configuration changes.

So back up any files that you change!
(You could also copy your modified files over the files in
C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerhelpVC_FilesCustom_files

But, keep your backups because all the xml files are overwritten with each new release of VoiceComputer.

I'll add copy commands but comment them out. The problem with adding copy commands is how many to add. That is, I could easily add, "Copy x" and "Paste y".

But, should I also add, "Copy a and b", "Copy a, b and c", "Copy a, b, c and d", etc., so you can select and copy several files with one command?

Just “Copy x to Paste y” where x and y are the intag numbers would be good enough for me.

Phil Schaadt

Just where x and y are the intag numbers would be good enough for me.

I’ve added and am testing, “Copy x” “Paste y”. I think this would work more reliably.

Okay no worries I created my own script now to hold the mouse down and release.

Now I don’t have to have SpeechStart+ running as well as VoiceComputer.


Mphillipson2015-10-25 10:54:40


Please email me a copy of this script. It probably won’t cause the problems that my command created.