Hiding VoiceComputer Help Screen

Is there a way to prevent the VoiceComputer Help screen from coming up? For me personally, it gets in the way.

If you issue the command configure VoiceComputer and choose option 8, ‘Additional Configuration Options’, then choose option 6, ‘Show | Hide VoiceComputer’s Main Menu on start-up’ then you can stop it appearing when you open VoiceComputer. If it appears at times other than on start-up then you need to provide more information to help with troubleshooting.



Just need to configure VoiceComputer.

Say, "Configure VoiceComputer"
go to the second screen of configuration options by saying, "8 Open"
Then “6 Open” to Show | Hide VoiceComputer’s Main menu on startup.

But, you won’t be able to do this until we solve the error message that you’re getting.

Actually, the presence of the Help Screen was my indication that VoiceComputer was ready for action.

But without this screen, what now would be my indication of such?

Just check the system tray. VoiceComputer is ready within a few seconds after the VC icon is displayed on the system tray.

You'll notice that VoiceComputer opens quicker without the help screen since we check several things before we open the help screen.


If you want a quick check other than checking the icon in the systray, simply say “show main menu”. That will open the main menu which will indicate that VoiceComputer is active. To close the main menu, simply say “hide VoiceComputer”.