Help page Sizing

Is there a way to make the help box smaller. Right now, it takes up almost the whole screen and it could get intrusive.

<br>You can change the width of the help screens by configuring VoicePower.</p><p>Say, "configure VoicePower"</p><p>Then, "two open" to change VoicePower's display width.</p><p>Say 'No' to the default configuration for your computer.</p><p>You can then choose from the following options:<br>SVGA - the help screens are set to 1/2 screen width<br>XGA - help screens set to 2/5 screen width<br>WXGA - help screens set to 1/3 screen width<br>Two monitors:  Help screen placed on second monitor</p><p>Note: If you configure the help screens at WXGA, and the display of a particular help screen is too narrow, you can view the screen at half width by saying "Resize to Half."</p><div>You can also position a help screen anywhere you want it on the desktop and then use the "Display" command, e.g., "Display Main Menu" to display other help information without repositioning the help screen or your own application.</div><p>And finally, there's a way to configure the screens so they are displayed on the top, bottom, left, right of your screen at whatever width you wish...</p><p> </p><p><br> </p>
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Thank you, that worked very well.