Heisenberg uncertainty problem with intags

When I try to use screen capture to show the problem I have with one of my programs, Amicus Attorney, as it relates to intags, I lose in tags when I attempt to use the screen capture program. I will attach the screen I am talking about. I want to have in tags show up for each of the files. Right now, in tags appears only for the lower left-hand applications as well as the ones above the files.

As always, thanks so much.

I do love this in tags program. Great work Ron and Chucker.

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Can’t upload file as it may contain malicious something. Will try to get rid of it and try again.Still won’ accept the screen shot!

Trionalaw2015-08-16 10:00:17


In all likelihood you’re trying to make InTags work in Amicus Attorney vs. My InTags.

InTags looks for identifiable objects in an application window and numbers those that it finds. However, InTags doesn’t work everywhere, and I suspect that Amicus Attorney is one of those.

I spent some time with you a while back showing you how to set up overlays (My InTags in the current version). That’s what you need to use in that application.

Thank you, Chucker,

The intags work until I get to the list of files. I will create my intags for the list of files and see what happens.

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I don’t recall off the top of my head is what the list of files is in Amicus Attorney, but I have seen some issue related to lists where the items in the list are not identifiable objects. This happens to me in my checking account when trying to change between various accounts. InTags will drop the list of banking accounts, but it won’t number them. Again, whatever InTags is trying to tag must be identifiable. If it’s not, then it won’t get tagged.