Having trouble getting Client Windows to work

Hi, I’m evaluating VoicePower 11.5 on Windows 7 with Dragon Pro 11.0 for our customer. One feature that I think a lot of users would find helpful is the Client Windows, but I’m having trouble getting them to work. Most of the users at the sites where VoicePower would be deployed if the customer bought it use dual monitors. I read the instructions on positioning the windows, but VoicePower seems “confused” about which window is the client. I have Microsoft Word on the left monitor, IE positioned to the left side of the right monitor, but when I try to issue “client page down,” etc., the commands are going to MS Word and not IE.

At first I thought it was because I was using the monitor labeled #2 in Windows display settings as my primary, but I reconnected them so it would be more conventional, monitor #1 as primary on the left and #2 on the right, and VP still seems “confused.” Can someone give me some pointers?




How exactly did you change the monitors? Did you change them via Windows (display adapter), or did you change them via “configure VoicePower” and reset the the display screens for monitor 1 and monitor 2?

If you configure your monitors correctly, the client commands (e.g.,
‘Client Page Down’, ‘Client Page 23’, ‘Client Up 5’, ‘Client File Print’) should work reliably. However, if you have problems, or if the default ‘Client Window’ is not the window you wish to control, I'm reinstituting an old ‘Make this client window’ command in the next release (due within days).
This command will let you designate any window the ‘Active Client Window’. Thus, you’ll be able to switch from whatever window you’re working in, navigate through, save, and even copy from your ‘Active Client Window’, letting you continue to work in your documents.
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Thanks, Ron. Once I used the “configure voice power” command, I was able to get voice power to recognize the application on the right monitor as the client window. However, I was unable to locate the lessons on Internet Explorer and Firefox in the navigating client windows section. So I could page through the Web site, but I couldn’t navigate to any links. Yes, a command to designate your current application as the client window would be very helpful. Thanks, Margaret