Google Chrome has become surveillance software.

I recommend that you read this article in the Washington Post:

Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch.

We created our Chrome extension in order to make a customizable tool that would let us make previously inaccessible websites and intranet sites accessible, not to be part of a surveillance society.

The article mentions several steps you can take to minimize the auto-surveillance features of Chrome.
Please feel free to suggest other steps that users can take to maximize their privacy.

Microsoft is testing a new version of Edge that uses the Chrome engine. We plan to customize our Chrome extension to work with Edge, so we'll also make a list of things you can do to maximize your privacy when you use the new Chromium Edge.

Or, you can switch to Firefox. VoiceComputer's Intags tend to double number in Firefox because our Intags number all accessible controls in Firefox and websites often have duplicate controls.
We'll be working on our Firefox interface in the coming weeks to minimize this problem.

Thanks for your timely response to this article. I, too, read this article earlier today and had wondered how this would impact my use of VC on FFox.

Thanks Ron that's good to know!

I have yet another serious problem lately with both Chrome and Edge Dev. At first I thought I was invaded by bitcoin miners but it turned out to be the Chrome Software Reporter tool which has a tendency to hang. Today it took up 100% (!) of my CPU.
It's a real pain having to kill it with task manager every time (I'll make a little tool for it if the problem persists). Anyway, if others have the same problem here's some more info on (removing) it: