Google Chrome extension now working differently?

Just a quick check to see if the Google Chrome extension for intags has changed.

1. IntagIt now intags the page, menu and tabs. Hide numbers turns off intags.
2. All of the intags work.
3. This is much simpler and more transparent.

I don't read this forum every day, so maybe I missed an announcement. Great change.
Thank you VC!

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> IntagIt now intags the page, menu and tabs.

Please attach a screenshot or email it to me.

Hi Ron,
I'm just seeing this reply in my computer at home.

Here, the Chrome extension works just as always. The menu intags and page intags operate separately.

So, here´there is no screen shot showing what happens on my office computer.

Go figure. When I get back to my office Tuesday, I'll see if there is a screen shot there, or whether this was a digital hiccup.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year's eve.


By nature it should be a digital hiccup. Nothing has changed in terms of the way that" InTag menu" and "InTag window" or "InTag it" work.

My guess in this case is that the chrome extension is not working, or not work properly. The InTag icon in the upper right is "green" if the chrome extension is working properly and "red" if it is not working at all. If the chrome extension is not working properly, then the above commands will always number the menu bar at the top of the page and the hyperlinks in the webpage will not be numbered.

Keep in mind that some webpages are not supported by our chrome extension, in which case the InTag commands will number only the menu bar.


Chucker2018-01-01 14:19:07

Thanks Chuck.

I’ll check these points when I return to my office.
Ron and Chucker,

The Google Chrome Extension in my office PC now works again as it always has.

I don't know what the difference is. Before I posted here, I rebooted at least two days in a row, but the intags kept appearing on the webpage and menu tabs simultaneously.


The most likely explanation is that the chrome InTags was disabled. If and when this happens, try just closing chrome and restarting it.