Google Chrome bookmarks and in tags

when using Google Chrome, my intangible populate to the various Google bookmarks. However, when the actual bookmarks opens and there are numerous choices under it, the menu immediately disappears.

Any ideas?

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I don’t quite understand what’s happening since I’m able to go through the bookmarks menu.

(I use Intag Menu and then Menu #, so the Intags keep numbering the submenus.)
If you could email me some screenshots of the progression. (You might need to use Snagit for this…)

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Using the commands you gave me here is where I end up.

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Strange that there are no Intags displayed...

To be clear, my commands are:
Intag Menu
Menu 17 (Chrome Menu)
Menu 28 (Bookmarks submenu)
The Bookmarks menu opens and then after a short delay, is Intagged.

If the Bookmark menu is not Intagged, then, 'Intag Menu' should display them.
RonK2018-12-29 11:47:02

I wonder if this is the problem: intag chrome extension is now green. When close Chrome and then reopen it, it is red and says it’s inactive.



This shouldn’t make a difference. The Intag menu and menu # commands bypass the Chrome extension.

We’ll keep looking at this.