Google Chrome and VoiceComputer

Windows 10 DPI 15 purchased VoiceComputer a couple of weeks ago
latest version of Google Chrome browser and Dragon extension


I am delighted with VoiceComputer! It will change the way I do my work and my fun.

When I use Google Chrome browser the InTags that automatically appear with each screen seem to be off alignment. So, when I click on a tag it does not perform the action due to it being off alignment.

Since I’m new and I don’t see that anyone else has had this problem, there must be something I’m doing wrong that’s an easy fix. Please clue me in!

BTW, works fine in Firefox!


What you mean by off alignment?

The only thing that I can think of that might cause this would be your Display settings (i.e., Windows).

Otherwise, the Chrome extension numbers are designed to display at the end of a link, not in the center. The reason that we do this is that we want to limit the amount of text that may be covered by any Chrome extension numbers.

However, if they are either above the link to far, too far to the left, or not aligned with the link at all, then this is a display resolution setting issue.

Let us know. You can help us by going to the Display settings and set the slide bar all the way to the left (Windows 10), or setting the display to the default or at maximum 125% (Windows 7).

Chucker2017-01-17 13:48:51

Hi Chuck,

Thank you for your helpful reply. Indeed, I had my display settings off and I set them according to your suggestions and it all seems to work just fine now.Thumbs Up