Go To Excel 2010 commands

I am confused? I was able to move around Excel 2010 by using the (Alpha bravo) “go to” sell<<< another problem. Dragon professional 12.5 is not recognizing the word (Cell). I tried adding the word, training the word, to no avail. I tried the microphone Wizard again with no success. Help!

I have seen problems with the Go to Cell command. Try the Move to cell x3 , e.g.,, Move to cell g 9.

(Your Dragon add-in Excel may be is disabled but this isn't the problem because the (Dragon) commands should still work.)

You might have a corrupt user profile. Create a new one.

As for the recognition of the word 'cell'. Dragon understands words in context. So it may recognize the word 'cell' as 'sell' but if you say the cell reproduced, Dragon should correctly understand it.


First, one correction to Ron’s post. In order to be able to access the Natural Language Commands in Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Microsoft Office 2010 applications, the add-ins for these applications must be loaded. It isn’t just Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) that is dependent upon these add-ins, it is also the Natural Language Commands, such as “go to cell alpha five”. So, you need to open Microsoft Excel, click on the File tab, click Options, and click Add-Ins and make sure that the NatSpeak Excel AddIn is listed under the Active Application Add-ins (i.e., enabled). You also need to make sure that the correct add-in is listed depending upon whether you’re using Excel 2010 32-bit or 64-bit (i.e., dgnexcel.dll vs. dgnexcel_x64.dll).

If the add-in isn’t active, then you will get misrecognitions, such as sell vs. cell.

Second, and this brings me to a related point, when you issue commands, particularly in Microsoft Excel, be absolutely sure that there are no pauses between the words in the commands that you are attempting to execute and that the commands are spoken verbatim. Dragon will not forgive you if you pause between words in the command or don’t correctly say (verbatim) the proper command.

One of both of the above might be the source of your problem. Microsoft Excel is particularly finicky when it comes to recognizing commands. One of the things that you can do to make commands involving cells more easily recognize is to get into the habit of using the phonetic alphabet (i.e., alpha, bravo, etc.). Users that have an optimal user profile can get away with using the standard alphabet pronunciations (i.e., a b c d e etc.), But if you have general problems with accuracy on occasion or fail to enunciate correctly, it is very easy for Dragon to misrecognize these. Using the phonetic alphabet is the best way to avoid this kind of issue. For example, this is often what happens you dictate “go to cell G9” and it comes out “go to sell G9” as text rather than as a command.

As Ron points out, Dragon is best in terms of accuracy when recognizing words in context. In the case of sell vs. cell, use Notepad and dictate an Excel command using the word “cell”. If he gets it wrong, then correct it (and train it) in the entire context of the complete utterance. You may have to do this a couple of times, but it should work reliably and regularly after a couple of corrections.

Chuck, The dgnexcel_64.dll is not listed in the Add-ins. I can see the file in the search, but when I click on it and try to use Office to open the file/folder, it won’t do it. Where else can I find the add-in?


Got your email and responded. Glad you were able to straighten it out on your own.

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