Gmail in Chrome Issue

Only when VC is on and I pull up an email in Gmail in Chrome, it automatically tries to open a reply to the email I’m on. When I try to close it, it will repeatedly open a new reply. Thoughts?

VC 2020 3.2.0
Windows 10

When I try to close it, it will repeatedly open a new reply.

We recently put VC 2021 on our store (VoiceTeach, LLC — Products). It fixes this problem.
(We’ll announce 2021 within a couple of days and list its features.)
It’ll be a free upgrade for anyone who has bought a version of VoiceComputer anytime this year.

Note: The workaround for this problem in prior versions is to install the Intag extension for Chrome.
The Intag extension is now optional in 2021.

When I search for the Intag extension, I don’t find it anymore. Am I going to the wrong place?

Our Intag extension is private and therefore not searchable.

Here’s a link to the download:

When using Gmail I find it better to say “mouse over 50” Followed by “click 50”
in this way I can actually verify just by looking that 50 Will be clicked.
Maybe when you order a click you are accidentally clicking the reply.

That mistake used to happen a lot when using Gmail for some strange reason it didn’t happen on other websites.