Gmail capitalization problem

Every time I is Gmail it is automatically capitalized. I looked at tools and could find no explanation. But then again, who said I knew anything about tools. I hire someone to Change lightbulbs.(See I made a correction where it said ring my own doorbell. Of course, those of you who are paying attention will appreciate in both scenarios no tools used.)




I’ve read your post over several times, but it isn’t clear what it is that you’re asking.

Keep in mind that with Dragon, no matter where your dictating, the letter “I” is always uppercase by default unless it is contained within a word, such as “Sprint” or “ping”.

You can always change the properties for that letter in the Vocabulary Editor, or you can create a new vocabulary entry with a special Spoken form, such as “lowercase I” with the Written form as “i”, but Dragon will always by default print the letter I as uppercase when dictated by itself. However, if you want it printed as lowercase you can always say “press | type india”. Or, you can say “letter india”. Otherwise, Dragon will always display the letter I as uppercase when dictated by itself.

If I’m not understanding you, please let me know.Chucker2014-04-25 13:09:07

My apologies for not proofing the previous. When I select a word and dictate another word it is capitalized.