General Purpose Commands

The Voicecomputer documentation lists General Purpose Commands and indicates “partial list”. Several of these commands are quite useful to me. Is there documentation showing the full list, please?

Good question. Probably should remove the 'partial list' comment.

We keep editing the general purpose command list to make it as complete as we can. But, there are probably some commands that we've left off.

Then, there's the question of the definition of general purpose commands. There are hundreds of what I would consider 'general purpose' commands spread through our documentation. (e.g., '7', 'right click 9', 'place window left', 'task 5 right', and even, mouse up 20, mouse down 34 percent (if you have the mouse commands enabled'))

Thank you, Ron. I will not look further then. Everything is working well for me. Even better with the Nuance Google application now uninstalled.