Forum issues

When I say “Create New Topic”, I am taken to this page, however there is no focus, by default I would expect the cursor to be positioned inside the “Subject” dialogue box, but it isn’t.

I hope this can be implemented

Also, the “Post New Topic” box seems to have a problem if you dictate the command. On two separate occasions, including just now, I said the command and it simply closed the entire page deleting all traces of my message (Preview Post works OK).




I’ll leave that to Ron, but for the time being you can do the following:

Say “click text”. That numbers all text boxes and you can move from one text box to another by simply saying the number. Even if you make a mistake, you can switch numbers without losing them. This is a VoicePower feature that includes radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. even though it uses the similar DNS approach.

Chucker2010-03-02 15:59:19