Follow up question on Sennheiser MD 431

When I do the "Check Microphone" procedure in DNS Pro 11 for the Sennheiser MD 431, there are other Device options, such as: Integrated Microphone Array (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC), Stereo Mix (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC), or External Mic (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC). Would there be any advantange in using one of the high definition CODEC's over any of the USB pods?

Thanking you in advance...


No, if you're using a USB SoundPod, then the only dictation source you should be using is "USB microphone". Any other sources are not designed for the Sennheiser MD431 II and a USB SoundPod. They are designed specifically for other types of microphones. The Sennheiser MD431 II is not an array microphone nor do any of the other codecs apply. Use those and you will have nothing but problems, if they work at all, which they probably and most likely will not. Stick to the USB microphone dictation source. Forget about the rest.

One other little "strange" thing with the Sennheiser MD 431.

When I do the "Check Microphone" procedure with the MD 431 mike and then go on to the Quality Check screen, when I complete that and then hit "Play", regardless of whether I am using this on my desktop or my laptop, I can always hear something like low level/ fairly soft "white noise" in the background. By comparison, when using the Samson 77 wireless and do the same thing, all I hear is silence in the background.

The "white noise" in no way appears to affect accuracy of the Sennheiser MD 431
in any way. It's always very accurate.
Is the "white noise" typical for this mike?

Should I be concerned about the white noise in the background if it doesn't appear to be affecting accuracy? Is there some setting on the computer I should be adjusting?


The likelihood is that whatever white noise you’re hearing in the background is coming from your system (i.e., internal). I do not experience that at all. However, I’m using the Sennheiser MD 431 II with the XLR cable and the Andrea PureAudio USB-SA USB SoundPod. I would assume that you’re doing the same.

No, the white noise is not typical for this microphone. It uses the most expensive super cardioid microphone element and speech recognition optimized noise canceling technology. You shouldn’t be hearing any white noise or any background noise unless it is sufficiently loud enough. However, as I pointed out in the past, if you are dictating in an ambient noise level environment equal to or exceeding 90 dB, you will pick up some of that, which will reduce the signal-to-noise ratio, but has no impact on overall accuracy as long as you tune it in that environment. When I met trade shows, I can hear some of that ambient background noise on the playback, but it has little impact on overall accuracy, which I still find is at least 99.3% accuracy even in the loudest ambient noise backgrounds.

Should you worry about it? No. Should you try to find the source? Yes.Chucker2010-12-13 06:33:07