first use window keeps opening on each login

I have Voice Power in my Startup group and the first use window keeps opening every time I login to windows. minor annoyance.

Win7 64 with WSR
I used to have dragon 11.5 but gave up on it and went back to WSR. I had the same problem when Dragon was still installed.

What version of VoicePower do you have? (Say, "Show VoicePower Version")

Good to hear from someone using WSR. - We'll be releasing a major upgrade in a week, then we'll work on the WSR side to get it up to date and release another version.

Why did you give up on Dragon?

I use multiple monitors. Dragon gets confused when I’m working on monitor number two. Any dragon commands intended for windows on monitor number two often get executed on some random program on monitor number one. It gets pretty annoying when you’re trying to close a window such as Microsoft excel on monitor number two and Microsoft outlook gets closed on monitor number one requiring me to log back in each time.
In addition, we purchased dragon for its capacity to read back the document written in Microsoft word. In two months, I’ve used it twice.
Thirdly, I thought it was dragon premium I would have some minor macro creation capability. Apparently what I was looking for is only available in dragon professional.
WSR and VoicePower give me all the capability that I need without the cost and constant battling I experienced with dragon. This is important to our company on two fronts: first, it gives us a way to deal with computer work in such a way that prevents carpal tunnel and other repetitive injury. Second, we don’t lose as much productivity has was the case trying to learn and use dragon.

I have Voice Power in my Startup group and the first use window keeps opening every time I >login to windows

v 11.71.1

Just say, “Done with First Use”