Firefox command half way work in VC

I’ve been going over some commands in voice computer for Firefox. I’m using version 24.0 and VC64_12-54. I say the command and it pulls down the menu but it does not go to the next menu item so the command half way works and there are a few commands that are not available in Firefox anymore. Is just is just me or other people having this trouble?

Here’s the list of the commands that I’m talking about

tools page info
tools page information
tools addons
tools error console
tools options

view basic page style
view no page style
view page style
view character encoding
view customize
view navigation toolbar
view sidebar
view status bar
view text size
view toolbars
web search

view bookmarks toolbar

help report web forgery
help about mozilla firefox
help check for updates (No longer available in Firefox)
help contents (No longer available in Firefox)
help for internet explorer users (No longer available in Firefox)
help release notes (No longer available in Firefox)
help report broken web site (No longer available in Firefox)

file import (No longer available in Firefox)
file send link
file work offline (wrong command it is now sendkeys “{alt+f}w” it should be sendkeys “{alt+f}k”


Thanks for the great feedback!

I’m just finishing up a new release and fixing bugs so your timing was perfect.

The commands that were broken were written in one string like this:

This usually works but the Firefox update needs a wait state after the initial menu command, like this:

I fixed the broken commands and sent you the updated command list. Let me know if anything doesn’t work.