Feature request, clicking

  • Is there a way to replace speaking “left-click”, “right-click” with different words?
  • Could triple-click be added?

Yes. You can replace left-click, right-click by editing our command files.

A triple-click command could be added. But, I don’t recommend it. I’ve done this a few times and found that it takes a lot of experimentation to get it to work in a specific application

If you want to replace left-click…

  1. VoiceComputer’s command files weren’t designed to be edited by end-users so there is NO syntax checking. - VoiceComputer will not open if there are syntax errors.
  2. We didn’t design our command files to be edited because doing so would violate Dragon’s EULA. Other add-ons do this, but that’s their choice.
  3. We or some of our users will make minor edits in your command files for a nominal fee. ($50.)
  4. If you wish to edit the file(s) yourself:
    a) Backup all files that you’ll be editing to a second directory. (Restore the backed up file if VoiceComputer crashes or won’t start.
    b) Download a free XML editor and be vigilant about syntax errors.

To answer your question:

If you’re using the VC Mouse commands, you can edit the
mouse1.xml file if you’re using one monitor
mouse_mon3.xml file if you’re using 2-3 monitors.

Search for the list of mouse click commands in the xml file.

      <item>click\left click</item>
      <item>click\button click</item>
      <item>double\double click</item>
      <item>right\right click</item>

The syntax of the command is as follows:


‘right’ before the ‘’ is the instruction to the code,
the ‘rightlclick’ after the ‘’ is the spoken form of the command.

To add the command ‘right’, just add this line to the list:
(I’d suggest that you don’t delete commands but you add what you want.


as in


click\left click
click\button click
double\double click
right\right click

Test, to see if it works.
Restart VoiceComputer. If there’s a syntax error, VoiceComputer won’t restart.

If it works, copy the file over the existing file in C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer\help\VC_Files\Custom_files

The custom_files directory contains the default(master) files. The default files ARE COPIED OVER the files in C:\ProgramData\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer\Commands\Custom
whenever you change VoiceComputer’s configuration.

I am using multiple monitors, however, I don’t see mouse_mon3.xml in that folder.

when you configure the mouse commands for two monitors, the mouse_mon3.xml command file is copied into C:\ProgramData\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer\Commands\Custom from the default/master directory:C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer\help\VC_Files\Custom_files.

If the file isn’t copied, the mouse commands don’t work. What

What is the rationale for choosing the multiple monitors setting in Voice Computer? I used three monitors, and it has worked fine without selecting that setting. Would I get better performance with it on? Three

I could not get this to cooperate using mouse1.XML. I tried using words like “tick” and “dubbie” in place of left click and double-click, but the system didn’t like it.

First, make a backup of your file:

Overwrite the existing file in:

and then in the default directory. (The xml files in the default directory overwrite the ProgramData files every time you make a configuration change.)
C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer\help\VC_Files\Custom_files
If it still doesn’t work, post your edited xml on the forum or email it to me.

It worked, thank you.

By the way, is the delay between speaking and the click happening the result of Dragon’s slow speed at interpretation? Would upgrading to a 6 core i7 machine help much?

Delays between speaking and the click should be minimal.

Any delays are due to
memory, at least 12 GB but recommend 16.
maintenance of your computer
graphics performance
processor speed

I have a few older i7s (12 GB) with a lot of programs on them.
I figure that this is typical for most of our users.
I don’t release a version unless performance is quick (split-second delays) on these computers.

Having said that, I bought a new i7 (10th generation) laptop with 32 GB from Costco.
Performance of the Intags were instantaneous.

However, I returned the laptop because I’m waiting for a laptop with an 11th generation i7 which can improve performance by 50% or more.

Next year we may introduce some processor dependent features, like more frequent updating of the Intags, that will only work on computers with fast processors and a lot of memory.

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That is good to know. I am running an i5 at 3.30GHZ with 16 GB. I would hope that updating to i7 would give me a significant performance boost.