Excel 2010

I have configured all 3 monitors that I’m using and I’m having difficulty with the Excel 2010 commands and in particular the “move to cell” commands. When I tried to invoke that particular command the screen flashes and also the checkmark on the ribbon for Dragon flashes between white and green. Can anyone please explain why?


First, which monitor are you working on?

Second, how exactly are you issuing the commands, remembering that with a few exceptions, most commands are Dragon commands. We have a few VoiceComputer commands, but we do not interfere with Dragon as far as overlapping or duplicating commands.

Also, what specifically do you mean by the screen flashes?

What the checkmark on the DragonBar is indicating is that you are moving between conditions that are non-Full Text Control (Select-and Say) and Full Text Control (Select-and Say) enabled. There are conditions in Excel under which Full Text Control (Select-and Say) is not enabled and this is normal. For example, if you’re working in a particular cell, you have to be in edit mode. This is normally the moment that you are in when you access a new cell, but if you’re going back to edit the previous cell, then you have to press F2 or verbally say “press F2”, etc. Unlike Microsoft Word, Excel is not Full Text Control (Select-and Say) enabled in every single area unless you are editing a cell, you are in edit mode when modifying a cell, or you are entering information in a new cell. Also, there can be some problems when you have multiple Excel spreadsheets open at the same time. This is normal Dragon behavior.

Regardless, I would need a little bit more detail in order to explain what’s happening and/or why.

Hi Chuck, as it turns out, my microphone was not providing a clear signal to dragon. I re-configured the mic and it works perfectly.

But the screen literally flashes. I have Excel 2010 on the big screen and active. I would enact the command and the dragon bar would move to the laptop screen and the check box would flash white and green along with the big screen with excel on it. I concluded that Dragon would default to the main screen and the active screen would also show the issue. I could command up and down but not specific move to cell or move to column like in the excel commands list chapter in VC.

Works great now. I was concerned because I created my own cheat sheet to navigate. ( took a long time )

I am continually grateful for your and Ron’s continued upgrades and support. I am saving up for some one on one time with you. I feel it will greatly improve my productivity. In the mean time I am continuing to improve vocabulary and going through the learning curve of Dragon and VC.

Kind regards,


You know that we provide the capability of creating custom command cheat sheet with “show my custom commands”. You can put anything that you want in that document including links to commands and the commands themselves.