Errors in Windows Explorer/files Explorer

When I’m using voice computer in Windows Explorer / file Explorer to access files and documents, voice computer only accurately chooses numbers in the left, vertical pane (a.k.a. the navigation pane), but not in the right pane. For example, when I say a number in the right pane (so I can click on something in that pain), no matter the number voice computer always chooses the very first item at the top of the list. Therefore, I can only access things in the navigation pane of Windows Explorer / file Explorer. That is extremely problematic. What could be the problem and the solution?

Note I am using Windows 10, DPI Thank you.

I think this is a configuration issue but it’s been so long since I’ve seen this problem that I can’t remember the solution (or find it in our documentation).

I’ll keep looking…

What version of VoiceComputer are you using? (Current release of VoiceComputer is VC 2021, v1.7.5).

I’m using the newest versionof voice computer, and the problem persists. Any suggestions?

Are you using multiple monitors?
If not, email me the VoiceComputer and Dragon log files:
Location of the VoiceComputer Log.txt file:
C:\Users[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer
Dragon log

I am using a monitor connected to a laptop, so I am using both monitors in extended display mode. Is that a problem?

No. There is normally no problem using two monitors in extended display mode.

Please email me the Dragon and VoiceComputer log files.

I apologize
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