Error page down when silent and "him"

hi, thanks for the forum. I’ve been using voice computer and Dragon successfully for a long time now. But all software present challenges every once in a while.

The problem is when my voice is completely quiet voice recognition is incorrectly hearing the command page down and also incorrectly typing “him him him him him”

it could be the hardware but maybe not. I suspect there’s probably some setting I could correct and this would stop happening.

So let’s say I’m reading the news article and my voice is completely quiet while I read. However the computer keeps accidentally hearing “page down” so I can not continue to read the article because the page keeps moving down. Or if the cursor is in the browser address bar and I say nothing voice computer will begin to type “him him him him him”

not such a bad problem but can get annoying.

Seen this a few times!
It’s a symptom of a short in your microphone cable.
Maybe your chair ran over the cable?


Okay, thanks for the reply. Going to keep the same microphone for now. The symptoms are not so bad.