Error message while configuring VoicePower

I continue to have difficulty with Dragon and VoicePower. I still have inconsistent full functionality in Outlook.

I didn’t remember configuring VoicePower after my last repair so I tried to configure it tonight and I got the following VoicePower error message.

Error: C:Program FilesVoiceTeachVoicePowerscriptsoptions.exe
WIL Extender Error: 257: Specified window not found.

On line 67 of C: UsersOf…batchDragon_Options1.wbt


WinBatch 32 2011A
WIL Verson: 6.11 aka

I aborted the configuration. I am waiting to hear about whether or not I should repair my DNS files. And now I don’t know if my VoicePower also needs another repair. Please advise. Thank you, Rita