Error: could not determine which speech engine to

I reinstalled VoiceComputer last night. I was having lots of problems. When I went to open it today using the VoiceComputer control center command, I got the above error message.

I assume voice computer’s Baker Street irregulars will be all over this.

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the rest of the error message read: engine to use, please check ini. file

Trionalaw2015-08-20 06:04:12

I just reinstalled it and everything is working fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Error: could not determine which speech engine to use

This error indicates that VoiceComputer didn’t get properly configured.

The easiest solution is to run


located in C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerscripts

or (Windows 32 bit)

C:Program FilesVoiceTeachVoiceComputerscripts

This requires local admin rights

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Much appreciated. I just rebooted and everything is okay as to getting voice computer to open. I am posting another problem.

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Windows and software are like babies. Sometimes you have to burp them, and sometimes they throw up on you.

Rule of thumb #1: If you’re having a problem with anything on your computer, close everything, power down, then power on your system (cold boot).

Rule of thumb #2: If anything can go wrong, it will and at the worst possible time (Murphy’s Law).

There is no such thing as absolute freedom from problems and issues relative to software and Windows. So, in situations like this, go back to square one and start over per #1. If the problem still exists after you do that, then look at the software involved one at a time. I hear the expression very often “Well, it fixed itself, but I don’t know what fixed it!!!”. Always analyze the problem one step at a time so that you have an idea of what fixed what, and remember that most problems are Windows problems up to 88%.

Ron and Chucker,

Appreciate very much your responses. Let’s face it, Chucker, you need to write a book of your wisdom. Maybe the title could be “As Chucker Sees It.” A friend of mine threatened to write my biography and the subtitle was going to be “Yesterday’s Doughnuts.” Hurtful.

Enjoy your weekend.