Error 1335

I thought I saw this error before on the forum. When I launch the latest version I got the menu with this error.

I did search.



Just found the previous post which started with me. Sorry.
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I deleted the downloaded version. I downloaded it again. Received the same 1335 error.

The size of the downloaded file is 1,109,532 KB. Is that correct?

Thank you.



My download of ‘’ is 1,186,431,985 bytes. I have not yet tried to install it.


That has to be the problem: my download isn’t getting everything.

Much appreciated.


Hopefully Ron her Chucker will have something to help me.

Finally got it downloaded and up and running.


Have a great weekend.


I’ll try and I hope you also have a good one, glad you have succeeded.


Viv & Jim,

Whenever you get the 1335 error, it means that one or more files are exhibiting a checksum error when you attempt to extract them. In other words, your download is corrupted. The only thing you can do is to download it again, as you’ve already noted, until the download does not produce that error. While this is uncommon, it’s not unheard of. The problem probably stems from an issue related to your ISP not downloading the file correctly. Also, be careful of third-party download managers. Some are good and some are not. The best approach is to use the standard Windows download.

The size of the zip file being 1,186,431,985 is correct. What Jim was referring to is what you see when you are viewing the download in progress. Be careful of misunderstanding the way file sizes are displayed. The key factor is whether or not it extracts and installs properly.