Equivalent of "List All Windows" command

Please let me know what the VC command equivalent is for Dragon 15.61’s “List All Windows” command. I need to be able to jump between programs on multiple browsers. VC gets confused if I try to use the Dragon command. Thank you.

For years, we had our own ‘List all Windows’ command (and the command is still in our code.)
(So much so that Dragon’s 'List all Windows" command infringes on one of our patents.)

We replaced the List Windows command with our Task 1-50 commands, where you can switch to another application by saying, Task 5 where 5 is the task you wish to switch to (or, even Task 5 Left) where it switches to task 5 and places the application on the left side of the screen.
Does the Task 1-50 command work for you?

Thank you for your response. I tried using the Task command. However, it did not work as needed. The company where I work uses G Suite. In my job as an executive assistant, I manage executive calendars and keep those open in Chrome on one monitor. On my 2nd monitor, I have another window of Chrome open so that I can keep my inbox in sight at all times and respond immediately to requests.

When I tried to use the task command, VC gave the Chrome application a number. I said the Task number which then showed both Chrome windows with separate numbers, but would not let me choose the window that I needed.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you…
Configure Windows to Never combine taskbar buttons!
This will create a numbered task for each instance of a program.
(Windows Search > Taskbar Settings > Combine taskbar buttons > Never)
(See: Show Intag Lesson > Show Section Four)