Editing advice

I am looking for best practices from other people. When editing long paragraphs, I followed your advice and use the, "read that" command after selecting the parts of the paragraph I want to edit. The problem is that if there is an error in the beginning of the current paragraph and a few more towards the end, I have to memorize where the errors are and go back to make the corrections. I am wondering how you edit long paragraphs. Do you stop the "read that" as soon as the first error comes up? The way I am doing it now, I risk forgetting where the errors were in the beginning of the paragraph.

In summary, it would be helpful if we can read the exact steps we need to go through to edit a long paragraph. (Like this one)

Surely it is easier to correct each sentence after it has been dictated, to avoid having to remember where the mistakes are. Also it is easier to see spelling mistakes which might not be picked up if Dragon reads back what is dictated.


It would be too cumbersome to stop after every sentence and hit the playback function. But, your point is well taken and maybe I should stop after every few sentences instead of the while paragraph.