Dragon Ver. 11.5 update

Will the new version update from Nuance for Dragon have any affect on VP?

My first thoughts are to hold off on the new install if there are any chances of a conflic with VoicePower 11.51.
Have you guys been working with the beta version of Dragon 11.5?
Thanks for any info.


Fear not. You don’t have to worry about VoicePower working with DNS 11.5. It works fine. We have already tested it with 11.5. No problemo.Wink

Postscript: I have rerun a complete test of VoicePower 11.5 with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11.5. Everything works as it should for both the 64-bit version and 32-bit version of VoicePower 11.5.Chucker2011-06-28 07:58:30