Dragon turns itself off

For a variety of commands, if I say them more than once, the Dragon microphone turns itself off. It does not go to sleep, it actually turns off and the symbol goes red.

So far, I have encountered this with page down, page up, delete that. Needless to say, this makes it rather difficult to use. Has anyone else experienced this, or have an idea of what could be causing this?

Many thanks

>have an idea of what could be causing this?

It seems impossible, but the only logical thing that can be causing this is the VC Microphone utility.

If the VC Microphone is running, close it!

Let me know!

Will be releasing VoiceComputer 14.x within the next couple of days.

The updated VC Microphone makes it fairly easy for you to precisely configure it.

Hi Ron,

I closed VC microphone, and as you said, the problem went away. Thank you!

Once we release the new version, you can test out the Microphone feature and we’ll help you correctly configure it.