Dragon Remover Utilities

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To simplify and eliminate the frustration of looking for any of the specific Dragon NaturallySpeaking remover utility, we have listed their links below. These are direct download links to the files themselves. All you have to do is click on the link and save the file.

Dragon 11 Remover


Dragon 10.0-10.1 Remover


Dragon 9.0-9.5 Remover


Dragon 8 Remover


Dragon 7 Remover


Note: We are providing all of the DNS removers for your convenience. However, the current versions of VoicePower only support DNS 10-10.1 and 11.

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If I had DNS Pro Version 10 on a machine and wanted to upgrade to version 11 but only had a Professional to Professional Upgrade disk (Version 11), would I still use the Dragon Remover utility? It seems that if the upgrade disk didn’t see anything to upgrade, it wouldn’t install but that’s why I’m asking before I use the utility.




The upgrade discs are what are called smart upgrades. That is, they will either detect that DNS 10 is installed or they will prompt you to install the DNS 10-10.1 DVD to check for upgrade validation. Only the Premium upgrade is a full upgrade that doesn’t do version checking.

The basic process that I would recommend it is this:

1. Uninstall DNS 10-10.1 through the normal process (Windows Control Panel) while connected to the Internet so that you restore your activation. Also, make sure that you export your user profile(s) first.

2. You can then safely run the Dragon 10 remove utility (Dragon10remover.exe) and this will clear everything relative to Dragon 10 off your system. However, remember that the remove utility also deletes all your user profiles so it’s very important that you export your users first.

3. You must manually uninstall the Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This is not removed by either uninstalling DNS 10-10.1 or running the Dragon 10 remove utility. It is a separate install and you should remove it before attempting to install DNS 11 Professional. Most of the time leaving the Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime for Dragon NaturallySpeaking installed does not create problems. However, sometimes it does. Therefore, it is recommended that you manually uninstall it last you should get the reboot pending error when DNS 11 Professional attempts to install the Visual C++ 9.0 Runtime for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Even if you do, you should be able to proceed with the installation of Visual C++ 9.0 Runtime for Dragon NaturallySpeaking if you carefully read the message in that dialog, and it should install. The bottom line is that you should uninstall Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime for Dragon NaturallySpeaking before you attempt to install DNS 11 Professional as this tends to avoid this problem. Not always, but usually.

4. After you have properly uninstalled DNS 10-10.1 and Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and run the Dragon 10 remove utility, insert the DVD for the DNS 11 Professional and follow the prompts for installing. Depending upon your version of Windows, the autoplay may come up with the option to run the setup.exe. If so, simply click on that option. Otherwise, the DNS 11 Professional InstallShield Wizard should and commence with the installation of the prerequisite Visual C++ 9.0 Runtime for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, after which, if it is successfully installed, the installation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 will commence. You will be prompted during this process to insert your DVD for DNS 10-10.1 Professional so that the installer can verify that you have valid version for upgrade. Simply follow the prompts for exchanging the DVDs during the upgrade verification process. Once the upgrade verification process has completed successfully, the DNS 11 Professional installation should proceed normally.

Having tested this any number of times in the past, the smart upgrade always works as long as you have the upgrade supported version DVD per above.

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