Dragon is totally inadequate, but we have no alternative

I just got off the phone with Dragon support. I told them that typing directly into webpages, or interacting with them, did not work reliably. I also noted that Dragon regularly would hang or crash during my workday. I would give it a simple command, usually a custom command I had written like “copy it”, which simply maps to control + C, and it would crash.

The support rep confirmed that Dragon’s functionality within the Chrome and Firefox web browsers is very limited, and there are no guarantees it will work when, for example, entering data into a form.

As I have discussed with Ron, Dragon enjoys market dominance, there is no real alternative. So I guess we are stuck with its inadequacies.

The only solution I have found to its perpetual problems is restarting it and/or Voice Computer, and closing and reopening my web browser. Sometimes, reducing the number of tabs open in Chrome seems to help as well. I usually try one of these three things until it works again.

My impression is that nuance has all the patents, which gives them a monopoly. They basically have a license to make garbage software. The new operating system for Mac computers does have some voice recognition but I think it’s still quite limited. I will say it again, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the worst piece of garbage software I have ever used in my life. And unfortunately is the software have to use the most. The last several updates have fixed none of the glaring issues that I needed fixing.