Dragon installation error 1335

I get this installationerror when attempting to install Dragon 15 to my laptop where it installed without problems before. Lunis responded to me on KB forum. Disabling UAC did not help.

Waiting to hear back from my IT guy with regard to firewalls, etc. Just surprised I’ve never had this problem before.

I’m installing it on the laptop hoping that my headset problem where the laptop recognizes playback but not recording will somehow get fixed. Sennheiser responded with some tips that didn’t work. Waiting to hear back from it. Also waiting to hear back from the laptop manufacturer, Cyberforce, which was very quick to advise me I no longer had a warranty but nothing else. A couple of weeks ago it promised my IT guy immediate would send new drivers for the GPU. Nothing yet. Not happy with the customer service.




If there are remnants left over from the previous install, this can be interfering with your reinstall.

Before you attempt to reinstall DPI 15, and if you don't already have it, download and run the DPI15cleaner (DPI15Cleaner.exe). Then try reinstalling. Regardless, running the DPI15cleaner (DPI15Cleaner.exe) will clear out anything that might be in the registry or left over from a previous install. It's always a good place to start when you run into these types of problems.

Let us know if this works.

Chucker2017-01-12 07:22:58