Dragon 13 and VC microphone

I just noticed this on the KB forum:

DNS 13 makes switching microphones really easy. When you set up a user, it displays all available devices and prompts you to choose. You can easily add another device later, and then switch to whatever device you like.

Note that DNS will always start up with the last used device, but you can then switch to another one without any audio check etc. As thing go, I’ve just posted a blog entry with a screenshot, much better than any description:http://www.immer-eine-nuance-besser.de/neues-in-dragon-13-teil-2-mikrofone/

I assume if the last microphone used is not the default microphone, one cannot open voice computer with the command “voice computer control center” after logging in?

I really like that Function.

Jalan thanks


I believe that ‘voice computer control center’ is actioned by Windows Speech Recognition, even if Dragon is open, so having multiple microphones will not make any difference.


Thanks for getting back to me, Viv,

I sure hope so. I just feel so powerful when I can give that command and voice computer and Dragon open. It is a cool feature.

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Jim & Viv,

Windows sets the default recording device according to your soundcard, not your microphone. Therefore, if you change microphones but continue to use the same soundcard, it won’t make any difference to VoiceComputer. For example, regardless of what microphone you use, if your soundcard is a USB SoundPod, such as the Andréa PureAudio USB-SA, Andréa PureAudio USB-MA, Buddy USB 6G/7G, etc., it doesn’t make any difference what microphone you use with such. On the other hand, if you’re using an internal soundcard, such as the Realtek integrated soundcard in laptops or desktops, it still doesn’t make any difference because Windows sets the default to the soundcard, not to the microphone.

Therefore, the VC Microphone works in terms of your soundcard because Windows doesn’t recognize microphones.

As always, Chucker, you ease my anxiety.

My default microphone is the Jabro Pro 9470 which is attached to the soundcard and my fabulous, powerful CyberPower Fang laptop. My altered at microphone, the Andrea WNC 1500, is attached to a Andrea USB.

Looking forward to next Wednesday when I should receive my Dragon professional 13.

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