Dragon 12 remove utility

For everyone's benefit, Nuance has announced the new Dragon 12 remove utility.

Even though only the Premium version has been released (download only at this point), everyone might want to obtain the Dragon 12 remover.

The direct download link is as follows:



As I am one never embarrassed by my stupidity, would this be the utility to run before installing version 12? Or is it if you need to remove version 12 for some reason?

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No, you only run the remove utility specifically specified for the version of Dragon that you’re trying to remove or clean out. In this case, you would only use the Dragon 12 remove utility after uninstalling Dragon 12 and solely for the purpose of completely cleaning everything, including your user profiles, off your system. The Dragon 12 utility only applies to Dragon 12. If you were going to uninstall Dragon 11 -11.5, then you would want to run the Dragon 11 remove utility. However, you wouldn’t want to run it if you wanted to keep your Dragon 11 user profiles. The same applies to Dragon 12. The remove utility’s for all versions of Dragon completely remove everything including user profiles, registry entries, left over files, etc. In short, it completely removes everything related to the specific version installed.

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I assume when we get version 12 there will be instructions on how to save our user profiles? What about 11.5’s vocabulary?

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It depends on whether you're going to go with DNS 12 Professional or Premium.

DNS 12 Professional allows you to export your custom words in XML format (i.e., in addition to using the Manage Vocabularies...). This is a very nice feature because if you convert your 11.5 user profile to DNS 12, and then use Manage Vocabularies..., you get everything transferable to a new user. However, there is a caveat here. Manage Vocabularies... also transfers any vocabulary corruption as well as any files that are stored in your "Deleted words only". In other words, you may be able to Export/Import your vocabulary (full), but you also Export/Import everything else including any problems. In Professional, using the XML format preserves both your Written/Spoken forms as well as your Properties settings. You may have to retrain some of the words, but at least you won't have to reset any of the properties using this capability and your deleted words list will not be carried over. This will give you a clean vocabulary without the necessity to wrap your leg around your neck to reset the word properties. However, this is only available in the Professional versions. It is not available to DNS 12 Premium, or below. With DNS 12 Premium you're still stuck with the Export/Import phrase and word list option only, which means that you'll have to reset all of your word properties.

I haven't finished testing DNS 12 Premium as far as being able to copy the MyCmds.dat from a previous version of Premium to DNS 12 Premium. So I can't answer any questions in that regard until I finished doing so. My guess is that there should be no problems except as noted in the next paragraph.

One of the unique features in DNS 12 Premium is that it will now allow you to convert a DNS 11.5 Professional user profile to DNS 12 Premium. However, there is a caveat here. That is, you will lose all of your custom commands. Including Text and Graphics macros. The long and the short of it is that although DNS 12 Premium allows you to do this, it resets the MyCmds.dat by removing anything related to DNS 11.5 Professional custom commands, including Text and Graphics macros because they are handled differently in DNS 12 Premium. Therefore, under this condition, what you get is a converted Professional profile from DNS 11.5 but a completely new DNS 12 Premium MyCmds.dat sans any custom commands from your professional version profile. However, your custom words will be preserved. So, it's a trade-off.

DNS 12 Professional allows you full conversion of your DNS 11.5 user profiles. However, while I recommend that you do so, I recommended only so that you can preserve everything, including custom commands and custom words so that you can Export/Import phrases and word lists using the XML format and your custom commands. Here again, so far as we can determine without the Gold release of DNS 12 Professional (we only have the Silver version prerelease) you may have a problem when you import your custom commands to a new DNS 12 Professional user profile because of some inherent problems that currently exist in the Silver version, which we hope are fixed in the Gold version. Nevertheless, be very careful if you intend to use BestMatch V under this condition. You should only: (a) used BestMatch V Medium vocabulary. Unless you're using a Coreâ„¢ i7 Sandy Bridge processor or a Core i7â„¢ 3770K processor, going to BestMatch V General-Large vocabulary is ill-advised. I don't advise it even within Ivy Bridge processor. Nevertheless, we have to wait and see what the Gold release of DNS 12 Professional delivers and whether or not they have fixed these issues with regard to custom commands slowing your dictation down to a crawl. At least with the Silver version, you can upgrade your user profiles to DNS 12 BestMatch IV General-Large and it will generally give you superior performance and not cause a problem with custom commands slowing you down. However, upgrading your DNS 11.5 profiles to DNS 12 BestMatch IV requires that you actually modify the conversion/upgrade options using the Advanced button in the upgrade Wizard. Otherwise, you're going to get BestMatch V Medium vocabulary by default. We'll know more when we get our Gold release of DNS 12 Professional.

As regards saving your DNS 11.5 will user profiles. We recommend that you uninstall DNS 11.5, do not use the DNS 11.5 remove utility and, when prompted, tell the UninstallShield wizard that you want to save your DNS 11.5 user profiles. When you install DNS 12 Professional, or Premium for that matter, you will be prompted to run them through the conversion process (upgrade wizard). Just be careful to follow the instructions that I've given you above. In DNS 12 Premium, BestMatch V Medium vocabulary runs just fine. The only problem that we've seen so far is with regard to DNS 12 Professional (Silver) and BestMatch V Medium vocabulary or otherwise when converting a DNS 11.5 Professional user profile.

Lastly, there are some changes in DNS 12:

  1. BestMatch V analyzes and executes custom commands differently than BestMatch IV, at least in the Silver version. The problem seems to come from BestMatch V being unable to recognize or reconcile some commands with lists. This is what we are hoping is fixed in the Gold release. Still, there's no guarantee that it will despite our extensive protests to Nuance in this regard. It's a wait-and-see game.
  2. DNS 12 handles Spoken forms differently with an additional caveat. That is, DNS 12 does not permit you to use digits in Spoken forms (vocabulary) even though it may accept your imported custom commands with digits. We strongly advise everyone to convert your Spoken forms with digits to numbers spelled out. For example, BestMatch IV (Written form) won't accept the Spoken form "BestMatch 4". In ordered for DNS 12 to accept the Spoken form, it must be entered as "BestMatch four". It may accept the conversion in that format, but it will not allow you to enter symbols, punctuation, or digits in the Spoken form as new words. The rejection of digits is new to DNS 12.
  3. #2 doesn't seem to apply to custom commands, but it would be advisable to do the same with any custom command names that contain digits, symbols, or punctuation. Also, there may be a problem with lists in this regard, although we can't verify this. Sometimes adding digits spelled out in custom lists seems to resolve the issue, and sometimes it doesn't when using BestMatch V. As far as Advanced Scripting is concerned, what is causing this problem is not easily analyzed and identified. Nevertheless, unless it's fixed in the Gold release, expect problems here.

VoiceComputer is unaffected by the above problems. In fact, what we have done to resolve these issues that existed with the previous version of VoicePowerâ„¢ and DNS 12, have actually resulted in improving the efficiency of VoiceComputer such that it now exhibits greater reliability and faster performance in the execution of VoiceComputer commands.

Will be adding more to this as time goes on, but at least this gives you some idea and answers some of your questions.

Chucker2012-08-23 08:39:41